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Imagine the world you want to live in
Long after the pandemic has ended
Let’s fight for a new one and not give in
Until the broken parts have been mended


100 Sonnets For Our Time offers a lyrical glimpse of the most unusual time many of us have lived through. Jeff Wyman examines the pandemic, political climate, loves found and lost, nostalgia, and more in a series of sonnets that are more conversational than most, but maintain all the proper elements of the structure. These topical and hopeful verses will help anyone through rough times.

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Notebook and Pencil

Larry Lewin
educator, author

These sonnets are about 
finding hope, purpose, and 
community in the most 
challenging time of our lives.

Graham Mauro
poet, linguist, former student

Jeff's poetry portrays deep emotion through complex forms all while maintaining the warm intimacy of an old friend.

Morley Hegstrom

So strong and emotional....and beautiful; I'm grateful to you.

Notebook and Pencil

Maddie Blumm
educator, actor, former student

Jeff Wyman's sonnets are a time capsule of experiences from a year like no other. They offer hope and perspective in a time of isolation and uncertainty.

Zach Stewart
educator, writer

Thank you, Jeff, for your sonnets through the pandemic; I've come to look forward to them week by week as, I'm sure, have many others.

Lynette Williams

Just in time, and well-versed.

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